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Rookout is a disruptive developer solution for Cloud Native debugging and live-data collection. Rookout’s Non-Breaking Breakpoints let you collect any type of data on the fly with no extra coding, redeployments, or restarts.

Rookout is designed from the ground up for production environments and modern architecture debugging, such as Kubernetes, microservices, serverless, and service-mesh based applications.

Capture snapshots

Instantly understand the state of your application, by using non-breaking breakpoints and getting instant output including: your full stack trace, local and global variables, tracing data and context, server metrics (CPU, memory), time measurements, and more.

Debug any deployment

Fetch data from dynamically deployed, distributed applications with no need for SSH, attaching a debugger, or deploying a new version. Debug across dev, staging, and production as if the app was running on your laptop.

Gain X-Ray vision into 3rd party dependencies

Overcome the black box debugging challenges derived from using OpenSource components, external dependencies, or your own legacy code.

Go beyond debugging

Real Time Profiling Leverage agile flame graphs to measure the execution time of any function or code snippet without worrying about performance hits

Distributed Tracing Integrate with your favorite OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry tools to provide you with full context and visualization of your debug session

Debugging Heat Map Identify applications areas that are ‘on fire’, require too much debugging time and effort, and visualize it individually or across development teams.

Generate dynamic observability data

Create the three pillars of observability, logs, metrics and traces, from live debug data on the fly. Pipeline to your favorite collaboration and observability tools and analyze them side by side with existing information.


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