RapDev Platform Co-Pilot

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Our Datadog engineering expertise … customized and on demand!

RapDev, a Datadog Gold Partner, has extensive experience leveraging the full power of Datadog’s application and infrastructure monitoring capabilities. Our Platform Co-Pilot service gives you access to our expertise with more flexibility than ever, enabling you to automatically monitor and improve your Datadog deployment.

Monitor the Health of Your Datadog Platform

Automatically detect security vulnerabilities, audit costs, and reduce MTTR

  • Hygiene: Ensure your platform is clean and efficient, with visibility into the staleness of your tags, monitors, notebooks, dashboards, and service catalog.
  • Real-time Insights: See overages, unused components, and incorrect log ingestion with instant notifications by email/chat. In addition, view weekly/monthly summaries, and monthly account reviews with recommended actions.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Instantly identify issues, including broken integrations, unresponsive and EOS/EOL agents, API key misconfigurations, and more.


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