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Google Meet is a video communication service for meetings and calls.

The Google Meet integration reports call performance metrics as soon as a call has ended. This integration monitors the performance of calls by reporting on latency across audio, video, and screen casting. An event is also sent to Datadog when users leave a meeting, which allows you to visualize demographics across an organization. Insights collected include the following:

  • The number of external users participating in meets hosted by your organization
  • Breakdown of device types by region
  • Breakdown of call duration per user
  • Breakdown and summary of call quality ratings

Note: Setting up your internal service account to poll this information from your workspace requires your Google Workspace Admin to delegate domain-wide-authority to your service account.

Metric Collection

Customize the parameters you want to report to Datadog in a conf.yaml file.

This integration sends metrics to Datadog based on what the Google Activities API reports back with. This integration utilizes the caller leaving events. To pull additional metrics, add additional fields in the conf.yaml such as network_recv_jitter_msec_max.

Each metric includes the following tags:

  • meeting_code: The meeting code for the Google Meet conference (for example, ‘abc-hexp-tqy’). Recurring meetings have the same meeting code.
  • location_country: The country from which the participant joined.
  • organizer_email: The email address of the meeting creator.
  • location_region: The city or geographical region within a country from which the participant joined. For example: Boston.
  • ip_address: The participant’s external IP address.
  • device_type: The participant’s device type (for example: Android, Chromebox, iOS, Web, Jamboard, PSTN_IN).
  • identifier: The unique participant identifier (for example, an email address, phone number, or device ID).
  • display_name: Human readable name of the user that is displayed in the meeting.
  • is_external: Indicates if the participant is external to your organization. By default, the Google Admin API masks some of the external participants’ identifiers.

The default metrics in the conf.yaml file should suffice for most use cases.


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