Supported OS Linux



ProphetStor is an AI-based solution that helps enterprises manage, optimize, and auto-scale resources for any applications on Kubernetes. Using advanced machine learning algorithms to predict application workload, scales the right amount of resources at the right time for optimized application performance.

  • AI-based workload prediction for containerized applications in Kubernetes clusters and VMs in VMware clusters
  • Resource recommendations based on workload prediction, application, Kubernetes, and other related metrics
  • Automatic scaling of application containers
  • Multicloud cost analysis and recommendations based on workload predictions for Kubernetes clusters and VM clusters
  • Actual cost and potential savings based on recommendations for clusters, Kubernetes applications, VMs, and Kubernetes namespaces

With a ProphetStor license, you can apply an AI-based solution to track and predict the resource usages of Kubernetes containers, namespaces, and cluster nodes to make the right recommendations to prevent costly over-provisioning or performance-impacting under-provisioning. Utilizing application workload predictions, auto-scales application containers at the right time and optimizes performance with the right number of container replicas through Kubernetes HPA or Datadog Watermark Pod Autoscaling (WPA) .

Separate from this license, an official Datadog Integration with out-the-box dashboards and recommended monitors is available. For additional information on, you can view the ProphetStor Feature Demo video.


For support or requests, contact ProphetStor support .

This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.