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PerfectScale is a comprehensive, cloud-agnostic solution that enables teams with continuous and autonomous Kubernetes optimization capabilities. Our main goal is to empower teams to effortlessly manage their infrastructure, make quick, data-driven decisions, and reach peak performance at the lowest possible cost.

PerfectScale supports all Kubernetes environments, including AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, and on-premises.

Cut K8s cloud spending

Enhance your cloud efficiency and cut down on Kubernetes waste with PerfectScale recommendations, without impacting stability and performance. Learn more

Reduce K8s resilience issues

Proactively identify resource-provisioning misconfigurations and eliminate issues that put the performance and resilience of your Kubernetes environment at risk. Learn more

Automate continuous optimization

PerfectScale’s automation dynamically, safely, and accurately adjusts workload resources, enhancing the stability and cost-effectiveness of your Kubernetes environment without requiring manual intervention from your team. Learn more

Configurable Alerts

Stay informed about any resilience risks identified in your Kubernetes environment, prioritize tasks, and eliminate the issues before they impact performance and user experience. Notifications can be integrated directly into Datadog alerts. Learn more


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