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PerfectScale is a comprehensive cloud-agnostic solution that enables teams with continuous and autonomous Kubernetes optimization capabilities. Our main goal is to empower teams to effortlessly manage their infrastructure, make quick, data-driven decisions, and reach peak performance at the lowest possible cost.

PerfectScale monitors resiliency metrics across your Kubernetes environment and sends these metrics to Datadog through the Integration. When PerfectScale identifies under-provisioned or misconfigured workloads, it promptly pushes an alert to the Datadog dashboard detailing the issue type (such as OOM, CPU-Throttling, Eviction, and more) along with its precise location (cluster, namespace, workload, and container).


Create account

If you don’t have a PerfectScale account yet, sign up for a free 30-day trial. Once it is active, you can start using the PerfectScale integration.


  1. Sign in to PerfectScale.

  2. To start using the Datadog integration, the cluster should be connected to PerfectScale. If this is not completed yet, add the cluster by following the instructions in the official PerfectScale documentation. Perfectscale Screenshot

  3. Create an API Key in Datadog for the PerfectScale integration.

  4. Create a Datadog profile.

  5. Paste your API Key and select the associated site.

  6. Apply the profile to the desired cluster(s).


To stop using PerfectScale Datadog Integration, simply un-assign your Datadog profile from a cluster. For more information, see the official PerfectScale documentation.


Need help with the integration? Contact PerfectScale support.