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Pdh Check

Agent Check Agent Check

Supported OS: Windows


Get metrics from Windows performance counters in real time to:

  • Visualize and monitor windows performance counters through the pdh api



The PDH check is included in the Datadog Agent package, so you don’t need to install anything else on your servers.


Edit the pdh_check.d/conf.yaml file, in the conf.d/ folder at the root of your Agent’s configuration directory to collect Windows performance data. See the sample pdh_check.d/conf.yaml for all available configuration options.


Run the Agent’s status subcommand and look for pdh_check under the Checks section.

Data Collected


See metadata.csv for a list of metrics provided by this integration.


The PDH check does not include any events.

Service Checks

The PDH check does not include any service checks.

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