Datadog Implementation Services



AVIO Consulting provides software solutions with integrity, positioned at the nexus of enterprise integration and modern software development.

The AVIO team can help you accelerate your Datadog implementation and configuration, including:

  • Ingesting data from a wide variety of applications and platforms, both with supported integrations already and those without
  • Indexing, tagging and managing that data
  • Building business-focused and technical dashboards on top of that data

The AVIO team also has extensive Salesforce and MuleSoft experience, including development of the MuleSoft OpenTelemetry Module, which provides end-to-end observability in combination with Datadog.

Take advantage of AVIO’s extensive consulting experience and deep domain knowledge to implement the MuleSoft OpenTelemetry Module in combination with Datadog. The expert AVIO team is ready to guide you through the installation process, tailor your applications’ instrumentation, and develop custom Datadog dashboards designed to meet your specific requirements.

AVIO’s professional services capabilities include:

  • Datadog implementation and configuration including:
    • Data ingestion from a wide variety of applications and platforms
    • Indexing, tagging and managing data
    • Dashboard creation
  • MuleSoft Platform and architecture assessments, observability enablement, and API/integration implementation  
  • Salesforce configuration and development
  • Full stack software development
  • Retail point of sale transformation


Contact AVIO’s support team by email at or Service Desk if you need additional support.

This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.