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Agent Check Agent Check

Supported OS: Linux Mac OS Windows


This check monitors Openstack from the controller node.



The Openstack_controller check is included in the Datadog Agent package, so you do not need to install anything else on your server.


Prepare OpenStack

Create a datadog user that is used in your openstack_controller.d/conf.yaml file. This user requires admin read only permissions across your environment so that it can be run from a single node and read high level system information about all compute nodes and servers.

Deployment Strategy

The openstack_controller integration is designed to collect information from all compute nodes and the servers running on them. This integration is designed to be run from a single Agent to monitor your openstack environment. This can be deployed on your controller node or an adjacent server that has access to the Keystone and Nova endpoints.

  1. Edit the openstack_controller.d/conf.yaml file, in the conf.d/ folder at the root of your Agent’s configuration directory to start collecting your openstack_controller performance data. See the sample openstack_controller.d/conf.yaml for all available configuration options.

  2. Restart the Agent


Run the Agent’s status subcommand and look for openstack_controller under the Checks section.

Data Collected


Openstack_controller does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

Openstack_controller does not include any service checks.


Openstack_controller does not include any events.


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