Vector integrates with Datadog and offers out-of-the-box integrations with 60 different sources and sinks.


Source NameDescription
Apache MetricsCollect metrics from Apache’s HTTPD server.
AWS ECS MetricsCollect Docker container stats for tasks running in AWS ECS and AWS Fargate.
AWS Kinesis FirehoseCollect logs from AWS Kinesis Firehose.
AWS S3Collect logs from AWS S3.
AWS SQSCollect logs from AWS SQS.
Datadog AgentReceive logs and metrics collected by a Datadog Agent.
Demo logsGenerate fake log events, which can be useful for testing and demos.
dnstapCollect DNS logs from a dnstap-compatible server.
Docker logsCollect logs from Docker.
EventStoreDBReceive metrics from collected by a EventStoreDB.
ExecCollect output from a process running on the host.
FileCollect logs from files.
FluentCollect logs from a Fluentd or Fluent Bit agent.
Heroku LogplexCollect logs from Heroku’s Logplex, the router responsible for receiving logs from your Heroku apps.
Host metricsCollect metric data from the local system.
HTTPCollect logs emitted by an HTTP server.
Internal logsExpose all log and trace messages emitted by the running Vector instance.
Internal metricsAccess to the metrics produced by Vector itself and process them in your Vector pipeline.
JournalDCollect logs from JournalD.
KafkaCollect logs from Kafka.
Kubernetes logsCollect logs from Kubernetes Nodes.
LogstashCollect logs from a Logstash agent.
MongoDB metricsCollect metrics from the MongoDB database.
NATSRead observability data from subjects on the NATS messaging system.
NGINX metricsCollect metrics from NGINX.
PostgreSQL metricsCollect metrics from the PostgreSQL database.
Prometheus remote writeCollect metrics from Prometheus.
Prometheus scrapeCollect metrics with the Prometheus client.
RedisCollect observability data from Redis.
SocketCollect logs using the socket client.
Splunk HECReceive logs from Splunk.
StatsDCollect logs emitted by the StatsD aggregator.
stdinCollect logs sent with stdin.
SyslogCollect logs sent with Syslog.
VectorCollect observability data from another Vector instance.


Sink NameDescription
AWS Cloudwatch logsPublish log events to AWS Cloudwatch Logs.
AWS Cloudwatch metricsPublish metric events to AWS Cloudwatch Metrics.
AWS Kinesis Data Firehose LogsPublish logs to AWS Kinesis Data Firehose topics.
AWS Kinesis Streams logsPublish logs to AWS Kinesis Streams topics.
AWS S3Store observability events in the AWS S3 object storage system.
AWS SQSPublish observability events to Simple Queue Service topics.
Azure Blob StorageStore your observability data in Azure Blob Storage.
Azure Monitor logsPublish log events to the Azure Monitor Logs service.
BlackholeSend observability events nowhere, which can be useful for debugging purposes.
ClickhouseDeliver log data to the Clickhouse database.
ConsoleDisplay observability events in the console, which can be useful for debugging purposes.
Datadog eventsPublish observability events to the Datadog Events API.
Datadog logsPublish log events to Datadog.
Datadog metricsPublish metric events to Datadog.
Datadog tracesPublish traces to Datadog.
ElasticsearchIndex observability events in Elasticsearch.
FileOutput observability events into files.
GCP Cloud MonitoringDeliver metrics to GCP’s Cloud Monitoring system.
GCP Cloud storageStore observability events in GCP Cloud Storage.
GCP StackdriverDeliver logs to GCP’s Cloud Operations suite.
GCP PubSubPublish observability events to GCP’s PubSub messaging system.
HoneycombDeliver log events to Honeycomb.
HTTPDeliver observability event data to an HTTP server.
Humio logsDeliver log event data to Humio.
Humio metricsDeliver metric event data to Humio.
InfluxDB logsDeliver log event data to InfluxDB.
InfluxDB metricsDeliver metric event data to InfluxDB.
KafkaPublish observability event data to Apache Kafka topics.
LogDNADeliver log event data to LogDNA.
LokiDeliver log event data to the Loki aggregation system.
NATSPublish observability data to subjects on the NATS messaging system.
New RelicDeliver events to New Relic.
New Relic logsDeliver log events to New Relic.
PapertrailDeliver log events to Papertrail from SolarWinds.
Prometheus ExporterOutput metric events to a Prometheus exporter running on the host.
Prometheus remote writeDeliver metric data to a Prometheus remote write endpoint.
PulsarPublish observability events to Apache Pulsar topics.
RedisPublish observability data to Redis.
Sematext logsPublish log events to Sematext.
Sematext metricsPublish metric events to Sematext.
SocketDeliver logs to a remote socket endpoint.
Splunk HEC logsDeliver log data to Splunk’s HTTP Event Collector.
Splunk HEC metricsDeliver metric data to Splunk’s HTTP Event Collector.
StatsdDeliver log data to a StatsD aggregator.
VectorRelay observability data to another Vector instance.

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