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The Microsoft Office 365 integration monitors product activity, usage and licensing of Exchange, Outlook, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Teams, and Skype. The integration also runs synthetic operations in Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive to provide application performance monitoring from multiple locations worldwide. The Office 365 integration comes with a dashboard that allows you to filter based on User, OneDrive, Sharepoint URL, and more. It also uses Datadog Synthetic checks to validate that the Office 365 URLs are online and responding in an acceptable timeframe.

All integrations can be toggled on and off in the o365.yaml file as part of the integration. Its recommended to disable any products you dont want to monitor to avoid usage of additional metrics.

Below are some screenshots of the dashboard that is included with the integration.

Synthetic Mail and response times

Outlook Mailbox metrics per user and devices

Sharepoint site usage per URL

License usage per product and user

Teams, Calendar and OneDrive synthetics


For support or feature requests please contact RapDev.io through the following channels:

Tiered discounts for Office 365 users over 1,000 are available. Contact us at integrations@rapdev.io.

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