Datadog-NodeJS Integration

Node JS graph


Connect your Node.js applications to Datadog to:

  • Visualize their performance
  • Correlate their performance with the rest of your applications
  • Monitor any relevant metric



The Node.js integration enables you to monitor any custom metric by instrumenting a few lines of code. For instance, you can have a metric that returns the number of page views or the time of any function call. For additional information about the Node.js integration, please refer to this guide on submitting metrics For advanced usage, please refer to the documentation in the repository

  1. Install the library with npm:

    npm install node-dogstatsd
  2. Start instrumenting your code:

    var StatsD = require('node-dogstatsd').StatsD;
    var dogstatsd = new StatsD();
    // Increment a counter.


Go to the Metrics explorer page and see that it just works!