New Relic


The New Relic APM integration is deprecated and has reduced functionality. APM metric labels are unavailable.

Connect to New Relic to see New Relic alerts in your event stream.


New Relic alerts in event stream

Complete the following steps in New Relic.

  1. On the “Alerts & AI” tab, navigate to “Notification Channels”.

  2. Select “New Notification Channel”.

  3. Select “Webhook” as the channel type.

  4. Name your channel “Datadog”.

  5. Enter this base URL:<DATADOG_API_KEY>
  6. Click “Custom Payload” and ensure that the payload is in JSON format. Note: See section below for instructions on including custom tags in JSON.

  7. Click “Create Channel”.

  8. Click “Alert Policies”.

  9. Select any alert policies for which you would like alerts to be sent into Datadog.

Include custom tags on beta alerts

You can include custom tags with the “Use Custom Payload” option through New Relic’s Beta Alerts feature. To configure this, navigate to your New Relic account, and click the ‘Alerts Beta’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, select the ‘Notification channels’ section and find the Webhook you’ve setup for Datadog. From here there should be a section called ‘Use Custom Payload’, and once selected, it expands to reveal a JSON payload. You need to modify this payload by adding a “tags” attribute. For example, a modified payload might look like this:

    "account_id": "$ACCOUNT_ID",
    "account_name": "$ACCOUNT_NAME",
    "condition_id": "$CONDITION_ID",
    "condition_name": "$CONDITION_NAME",
    "current_state": "$EVENT_STATE",
    "details": "$EVENT_DETAILS",
    "event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
    "incident_acknowledge_url": "$INCIDENT_ACKNOWLEDGE_URL",
    "incident_id": "$INCIDENT_ID",
    "incident_url": "$INCIDENT_URL",
    "owner": "$EVENT_OWNER",
    "policy_name": "$POLICY_NAME",
    "policy_url": "$POLICY_URL",
    "runbook_url": "$RUNBOOK_URL",
    "severity": "$SEVERITY",
    "targets": "$TARGETS",
    "timestamp": "$TIMESTAMP",
    "tags": ["application:yourapplication", "host:yourhostname", "sometag"]

After your modifications are complete, select Update Channel to save your changes.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.