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What is NerdVision?

NerdVision is a live debugging platform that allows you to gather deep insight into your application at any time. NerdVision allows you to install tracepoints into your application to collect data about the state of your applications without restarting or changing the code.

After signup, this integration creates a dashboard and syncs all events and logs from the NerdVision group to your Datadog organization.

Watchers and Conditionals

Use Conditionals to narrow the trigger of your tracepoint to the specific case you are interested in. Add watchers to enhance the context to include data that are most important to the issue or are not part of the variable capture.

NerdVision Datadog Dashboard

The Datadog dashboard gives you the insight you need to see where in your code the tracepoints are being triggered. Allowing you to identify hotspots of debug activity.


Each tracepoint that is triggered will be sent to Datadog as an event, containing the appropriate tags, and a link to view the data in NerdVision. Tracepoints allow you to gather the full stack and variables that are active at the frame the tracepoint is triggered.


With dynamic logging you can inject new log messages at any point of you code to add that extra data you missed. Each log message that is triggered will be synced with Datadog as soon as it has been processed by NerdVision.


NerdVision produces metrics for online clients and tracepoint triggers.

Service Checks

NerdVision does not include any service checks.


For support or feature requests, contact NerdVision through the following channel:

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