Get metrics from neo4j service in real time to:

  • Visualize and monitor neo4j states
  • Be notified about neo4j failovers and events.


Install the dd-check-neo4j package manually or with your favorite configuration manager


Edit the neo4j.yaml file to configure the servers to monitor:

  • neo4j_url: set to the url of the server (i.e
  • port: set to the http port used by neo4j. Default is 7474
  • username: set to a valid neo4j username
  • password: set to the password for the username
  • connect_timeout: setting for the length of time to attempt to connect to the neo4j server
  • server_name: set to what should be displayed in DataDog
  • version: set to the neo4j version


When you run datadog-agent info you should see something like the following:


      - instance #0 [OK]
      - Collected 39 metrics, 0 events & 0 service checks


The neo4j check is compatible with all major platforms

Data Collected


Metric nameMetric typeDescription
neo4j.arraystore.sizegaugeThe size of the array store
neo4j.bytes.readgaugeThe total number of bytes read
neo4j.bytes.writtengaugeThe total number of bytes written
neo4j.dbms.memory.pagecache.sizegaugeMemory Pagecache Size total number of eviction exceptions total number of page evictions executed by the page cache. total number of faults. total number of file mappings. total number of file unmappings. total number of flushes executed by the page cache.
neo4j.ha.pull_intervalgaugeThe HA Pull Time Interval
neo4j.kernel.versiongaugeThe kernel version
neo4j.last.committed.transaction.idgaugeThe last committed transaction id.
neo4j.locksgaugeThe total number of locks.
neo4j.logicallog.sizegaugeThe logical log size setting.
neo4j.memorypoolsgaugeThe size of memory pools. size of the node store.
neo4j.averteddeadlocksgaugeThe total number of averted deadlocks.
neo4j.committedtransactionsgaugeThe total number of committed transactions.
neo4j.nodeidsinusegaugeThe total number of node ids in use.
neo4j.opened.transactionsgaugeThe total number of opened transactions. total number of open transactions. total number of property ids in use.
neo4j.relationship.ids.inusegaugeThe total number of relationship ids in use.
neo4j.relationshiptype.ids.inusegaugeThe total number of relationship type ides in use.
neo4j.peak.rolledback.transactionsgaugeThe total number of rolled back transactions.
neo4j.peak.concurrenttransactionsgaugeThe peak number of concurrent transactions.
neo4j.pinsgaugeThe total number of page pins executed by the page cache. poperty store size. relationship store size. store creation date.
neo4j.storeidgaugeThe store id. store log version. string store size. total store size.


The neo4j check does not include any events at this time.

Service Checks

The neo4j check does not include any service checks at this time.


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