LoadRunner Professional

Supported OS Windows Linux


OpenText LoadRunner Professional is a load testing solution that enables you to test the performance of diverse application types to identify and resolve issues before applications go live.

LoadRunner Controller is a tool for creating and controlling LoadRunner Professional scenarios. A scenario defines the events that occur during each testing session. It controls the number of users to emulate (virtual users, or Vusers), the actions they perform, and the machines on which they run their emulations. You use scenarios to create load tests to check the reliability and strength of your servers.

With this integration, Controller pushes real-time metrics and data from scenario runs to Datadog.

Send scenario informationSend information about the scenario run, such as the start and stop time, duration and included scripts in the form of logs.
Send run metricsSend metrics from the scenario run, such as Vuser status and transaction response times.


Configure LoadRunner Controller to push data to Datadog. You can choose whether to send scenario information, run metrics, or both. Once configured, this integration provides a Datadog dashboard to view the data in pre-configured widgets.

  1. Open Controller.
  2. In the Controller toolbar, select Tools > Datadog Configuration.
  3. In the Site field, select your Datadog site.
  4. In the API key field, enter the API key generated by Datadog.
  5. Click Test Connection.
  6. Once the connection is successful, choose whether to send scenario information, run metrics, or both to Datadog.
  7. If you enable Controller to send scenario information, the included log pipeline with this integration automatically processes your logs and adds relevant tags. For more specifics on the pipeline, navigate to Logs > Pipelines in Datadog.
  8. In Datadog, the LoadRunner Professional Dashboard will automatically be installed with the integration. The dashboard includes widgets that display run metrics and scenario information (depending on the data that Controller is configured to send).

Once Controller has been configured to push data to Datadog, the data is pushed each time you run a scenario in Controller. To disable Controller from pushing data to Datadog, select Tools > Datadog Configuration and clear the fields in the Datadog Configuration dialog box.

Datadog Configuration Window

Data Collected


Number of vusers currently running.
Number of vusers ready to run.
Number of vusers that have finished running.
Number of vusers that have failed with error.
Total transactions passed per second for the LoadRunner Controller.
Shown as transaction
Specific transaction response time.
Shown as second
Number of successful executions of the transaction.
Shown as transaction
Number of failed executions of the transaction.
Shown as transaction
Number of stopped executions of the transaction.
Shown as transaction

Service Checks

LoadRunner Professional does not include any service checks.


LoadRunner Professional does not include any events.


Need help? See LoadRunner Professional docs or contact Datadog support.