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This Jenkins plugin sends your build and deployment events to Datadog. From there, you can overlay them onto graphs of your other metrics so you can identify which deployments really affect your application’s performance and reliability-for better or worse.

The plugin also tracks build times (as a metric) and statuses (as a service check), so you’ll know when your builds aren’t healthy.

The Jenkins check for the Datadog Agent is deprecated. Use the Jenkins plugin


This plugin requires Jenkins 1.580.1 or newer.

This plugin can be installed from the Update Center (found at Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins) in your Jenkins installation.

  1. Navigate to the web interface of your Jenkins installation.

  2. From the Update Center (found at Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins), under the Available tab, search for Datadog Plugin.

  3. Check the checkbox next to the plugin, and install using one of the two install buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  4. To configure the plugin, navigate to the Manage Jenkins -> Configure System page, and find the Datadog Plugin section.

  5. Copy/Paste your API Key from the API Keys page on your Datadog account, into the API Key textbox on the configuration screen.

  6. Before saving your configuration, test your API connection using the Test Key button, directly below the API Key textbox.

  7. Restart Jenkins to get the plugin enabled.

  8. Optional: Set a custom Hostname You can set a custom hostname for your Jenkins host via the Hostname textbox on the same configuration screen. Note: Hostname must follow the RFC 1123 format.


No configuration steps are required for this integration.


You will start to see Jenkins events in the Event Stream when the plugin is up and running.


The following metrics are available in Datadog:

Metric nameDescription
jenkins.queue.size(Gauge) Size of your Jenkins queue
jenkins.job.waiting(Gauge) Time spent by a job waiting in seconds
jenkins.job.duration(Gauge) Duration of a job in seconds


The following events are generated by the plugin:

  • Started build
  • Finished build

Service Checks

  • jenkins.job.status: Build status