Mule® for APM

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



MuleSoft is a software company specializing in integration and API management solutions. Their main product, Mule, is an integration platform that enables developers to connect applications, data, and devices across on-premises and cloud environments.

This integration captures APM traces from MuleSoft applications and provides insights about application performance and issues. APM traces allow developers and operations teams to gain deep visibility into the performance of these integration and identify bottlenecks, errors, and performance degradation in real time.

Instrument your Mule applications with our Datadog Mule 4 Connector

Use the Datadog Connector for Mule 4 with Datadog APM to gain visibility by using out-of-the-box performance dashboards.

Measure the performance of the operations in your flows as granular as needed using spans.

Also, correlate the logs generated within a transaction in a single trace to narrow down any performance optimization or troubleshooting scope.


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