Observability FastTrack

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



As a Datadog Gold Partner, creator of the Datadog Mule® Integration and Datadog Mule® Integration for APM, IO Connect Services has extensive expertise building and implementing enterprise-grade solutions.

This service speeds up the process of setting up Datadog to monitor your infrastructure and applications.

Our engineers:

  • Advise and help establish a tagging strategy to simplify queries and reports in Datadog.
  • Install and configure Datadog agents to monitor servers and resources running on compute nodes used in your applications.
  • Configure out-of-the-box Datadog integrations.
  • Instrument the applications with APM to create traces in Datadog when needed.
  • Inject metadata to traces and spans to help create reports and dashboards.
  • Correlate logs with APM traces.
  • Create operational dashboards and visual real-time reports.
  • Automate monitors to supervise infrastructure health; when specific thresholds are crossed, monitors proactively alert the operations team.


Reach out to contact@ioconnectservices.com or https://www.ioconnectservices.com/contact-us/ for support.

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