Mule APM Instrumentation

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



Using the Datadog Mule® Integration for APM, our engineers instrument Mule applications within your environment to create and send traces to Datadog APM, providing a 24x7 gain in end-to-end visibility.

As a Datadog Gold Partner, as well as the creator of the Datadog Mule® Integration and Datadog Mule® Integration for APM, IO Connect Services has extensive deep expertise building and implementing enterprise-grade solutions.

Our experts will:

  • Establish a strategy for tracing within your Mule applications and APIs.
  • Install the Datadog Mule® Integration for APM in up to three environments: development, QA, and production.
  • Instrument the Mule applications with APM to create traces in Datadog.
  • Inject metadata to traces and spans to help in the creation of reports and dashboards.
  • Mark spans statuses and HTTP codes appropriately.
  • Correlate logs with APM traces.


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