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Instabug allows mobile application teams to balance stability, performance, and feature development throughout the entire development lifecycle. Based on a lightweight SDK, Instabug provides a unique set of insights enabling mobile teams to release with confidence, align on key performance metrics, identify and resolve critical issues before they impact end users.

With Instabug, extend your team’s visibility and consistently deliver a superior mobile app experience.

Release Centered

Track your mobile performance and compare version adoption, stability, and performance. Quickly identify issues, monitor issues by release, and resolve regressed issues efficiently.

Unified Performance Monitoring

Align your team around a single application performance metric while monitoring issues beyond crash free sessions, such as slow screen transitions, network errors, fatal app hangs, OOM crashes, and more.

Comprehensive Debugging

Quickly identify performance, quality, or stability issues throughout the application’s lifecycle before users are impacted by accessing logs, screenshots, device details, all out-of-the-box.

Secure by Design

Protect the privacy of your users by hiding sensitive views with an overlay and excluding personal information from your reports. Instabug is fully GDPR compliant.

Seamless Integrations

Sync your workflow with integrations including Jira, GitHub, Slack, and more.


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