Hasura Cloud

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Hasura Cloud provides a scalable, highly available, globally distributed, secure, production-ready GraphQL API over your data sources.

The Datadog integration is an observability feature of Hasura Cloud that exports your Hasura Cloud project’s operation logs, metrics, and traces to your Datadog dashboard.


To set up the Hasura Cloud Datadog integration for your Hasura Cloud project, provide a Datadog API key and region to Hasura Cloud.

See the Hasura Cloud documentation for how to configure the Datadog integration for your Hasura Cloud project.

Once the above is done, go to the Logs section in Datadog and create facets for the following top level fields:

  • operation_name
  • operation_type
  • error_code
  • is_error

See the Datadog Log Facets documentation for information regarding creating facets from logs.

Logs, metrics, and traces from your Hasura Cloud project are automatically sent to Datadog when your project receives traffic.

Data Collected


Number of requests per minute
Average request execution time
Shown as second
Success rate of requests
Number of active subscriptions
Number of websockets open

Service Checks

The Hasura Cloud integration does not include any service checks.


The Hasura Cloud integration does not include any events.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.