Monitor your AWS billing details

Billing metrics can be collected from AWS with the Datadog-AWS Billing integration. See the Amazon Billing integration in Datadog for more information.

To begin collecting billing metrics:

  1. Ensure that Billing is enabled under the Metric Collection tab on the AWS configuration page, and include the permission budgets:ViewBudget in your Datadog AWS policy.

  2. Enable billing metrics within the AWS console.

The following metrics are available using the Datadog-AWS Billing integration:

aws.billing.actual_spenddollarsThe actual spending costs for your budget period
aws.billing.budget_limitdollarsThe spending limit for your budget period
aws.billing.estimated_chargesdollarsThe estimated charges for your AWS usage. This can either be estimated charges for one service or a roll-up of estimated charges for all services.
aws.billing.forecasted_spenddollarsThe forecasted spending costs for your budget period

For more robust cost monitoring across a number of cloud services in addition to AWS, Datadog supports 3rd-party integration with CloudHealth. This blog post has a more in-depth look at how CloudHealth integrates with Datadog to enable visibility of cost across your hosted infrastructure.