GS Neotek Datadog Cost Analysis

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GS Neotek is a professional partner company of Datadog, Genesis, and Zendesk as well as a professional MSP provider of AWS and Google Cloud. GS Neotek has been a Datadog reseller since 2014 and was also the first company in Korea to obtain a Gold Tier status, the highest level within the Datadog reseller and MSP program.

GS Neotek offers a Cost Analysis Service to help you optimize your Datadog billing management services, both for current customers and MSPs.

Our Cost Analysis Service provides a dashboard to analyze and visualize collected usage data. It includes information on daily and monthly cost trends as well as a breakdown of cost per product. Our custom Datadog Cost Explorer allows you to visualize, understand, and manage your Datadog costs over time.

To get started, reach out to GS Neotek. Once connected, we will create custom reports that analyze cost. This allows you to analyze your data at a high level (for example, total costs and usage across all organizations), or dive deeper into your cost to identify trends and pinpoint cost drivers.


For support or feature requests, contact GS Neotek through the following channel:

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