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Google Hangouts Chat

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Connect Google Hangouts Chat to Datadog in order to help your team collaborate by:

  • Sharing graphs with your colleagues in your team’s private or public channels.
  • Receiving alerts and notifications from Datadog within Google Hangouts Chat.



The Hangouts Chat integration is installed via its integration tile in the Datadog application, and by adding the bot to your Hangouts room.


  1. Add the Datadog Chatbot to your Google Hangouts room with @DataDog.
  2. Install the Datadog Chatbot to your Google Hangouts room, by typing @Datadog install.
  3. The bot should prompt you to sign in your Datadog account and configure it using the Datadog application.
  4. Add the names and urls of the rooms you want it to be able to post to with the @-notification feature.

Datadog Bot command summary

Command Description
@Datadog install Starts the install workflow. NOTE: If you belong to more than one Datadog account, you will be directed to an Account selection page during the install workflow.
@Datadog list installed accounts Returns a list of all accounts that have the Hangouts Chat room installed.
@Datadog remove account Starts the workflow to remove the Hangouts Chat room from a specific Datadog account. A card is returned with uninstall links for all installed accounts, click the account you want to uninstall and see the Datadog bot respond with the removed account name.

Uninstalling from Datadog Accounts

There are three ways to uninstall a Hangouts Room from a Datadog Account: 1. Using the @Datadog remove account command allows Room members to uninstall the Bot from a selected Datadog Account. 2. Within a Datadog account, remove a room using the Google Hangout Chat integration tile. 3. Removing the Bot from a room uninstalls it from any installed accounts.

Data Collected


The Google Hangouts Chat integration does not include any metrics.


The Google Hangouts Chat integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Google Hangouts Chat integration does not include any service checks.

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