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Capture GitHub commits in Datadog to:

  • Track new features from code changes
  • Identify when new code changes lead to system alerts or build failures
  • Discuss code changes with your team in the Datadog Event Stream



  1. Add this URL to your Github Webhook, (Settings>Webhooks>Add new Webhook) with this URL:

  2. Select what you want to send to datadog, This integration supports:

    • Push (new commits),
    • Create and delete (for tags),
    • Pull requests,
    • Issues,
    • All comments.
  3. For each repository, add the branches you wish to monitor. If you want to add all repositories for a user or organization, use wildcards (e.g antirez/redis or antirez/*)

Data Collected

Once the integration is complete, whatever you select (commits and/or issues) will populate into your Datadog Event Stream. If you view a dashboard, in the top left search bar you can type sources:github to see github events overlayed over your the graphs on that dashboard.


Why aren’t Github events showing up in my Datadog event stream?

If your webhook is configured with content-type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded, set it to content-type:application/json instead.

github webhook content type