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Agent Check Agent Check

Supported OS: Linux Mac OS Windows


Get metrics from Filebeat service in real time to:

  • Visualize and monitor Filebeat states.
  • Be notified about Filebeat failovers and events.


The Filebeat check is NOT included in the Datadog Agent package.


If you are using Agent v6.8+ follow the instructions below to install the Filebeat check on your host. See our dedicated Agent guide for installing community integrations to install checks with the Agent prior to version 6.8 or the Docker Agent:

  1. Install the developer toolkit.
  2. Clone the integrations-extras repository:

    git clone
  3. Update your ddev config with the integrations-extras/ path:

    ddev config set extras ./integrations-extras
  4. To build the filebeat package, run:

    ddev -e release build filebeat
  5. Download and launch the Datadog Agent.

  6. Run the following command to install the integrations wheel with the Agent:

    datadog-agent integration install -w <PATH_OF_FILEBEAT_ARTIFACT_>/<FILEBEAT_ARTIFACT_NAME>.whl
  7. Configure your integration like any other packaged integration.


  1. Edit the filebeat.d/conf.yaml file in the conf.d/ folder at the root of your Agent’s configuration directory to start collecting your Filebeat metrics. See the sample filebeat.d/conf.yaml for all available configuration options.

  2. Restart the Agent


Run the Agent’s status subcommand and look for filebeat under the Checks section.

Data Collected


Number of bytes not processed by filebeat yet.
Shown as byte


The Filebeat check does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Filebeat check does not include any service checks.


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