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Fiddler is a pioneer in Model Performance Management (MPM) for responsible AI. The Fiddler platform’s unified environment provides a common language, centralized controls, and actionable insights to operationalize ML/AI with trust. Model monitoring, explainable AI, analytics, and fairness capabilities address the unique challenges of building in-house, stable, and secure MLOps systems at scale.

Fiddler has an out-of-the-box integration that allows the model metrics calculated by Fiddler to be visible within Datadog. ML teams can ensure the health of their ML systems without having to pivot between applications, enabling them to visualize model metrics within Datadog.

Once model performance issues are detected in Datadog, ML practitioners can turn to Fiddler to glean on deep model insights and perform further root cause analysis. From alerts to root cause analysis, ML teams can identify and resolve anomalies causing negative business impact, and deliver high-performing models for better business outcomes.

This offering provides access to the Fiddler MPM platform and is for Fiddler’s Lite tier, specifically. If you are interested in a higher tier, please reach out via a Private Offer. Also, if you are already a Fiddler customer and need to connect your instance to Datadog, set up the Fiddler integration.


At Fiddler, we are committed to helping you deliver high-performing models and build responsible AI. We provide you the tools and information you need to be successful in your ML projects.

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