I Have a Matching Bean for my JMX integration but nothing on Collect !
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I Have a Matching Bean for my JMX integration but nothing on Collect !

Trouble setting up your JMX integration ? Here are a few great articles to get you started :

If everything is set up properly as described in the above articles, and your metric appears in the Agent log file (but not in the status command), then there is probably an issue with the metric_type that you’re using.

Here is the output of the list_matching_attributes.log file :

Matching: 0/350. Bean name: Hadoop:service=HBase,name=Master,sub=Server - Attribute name: tag.isActiveMaster  - Attribute type: java.lang.String

How can I solve this?

Go to your Agent Log file and search for errors similar to the following:

2016-12-05 03:08:33,261 | WARN | JMXAttribute | Unable to get metrics from Hadoop:service=HBase,name=Master,sub=Server - tag.isActiveMaster
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "false"

This means that your Hadoop:service=HBase,name=Master,sub=Server - tag.isActiveMaster is returning string values.

Check your jmx.yaml file, the following excerpt should show something similar:

The java.lang.String metric_type confirms the issue you were seeing in the logs.

To resolve this issue, change the associated metric_type, and ensure that your jmx.yaml file has the following configuration:

Jmxfetch then knows it’s a string and uses this rule to transform that into a numeric metric.

Reach out to Datadog Support team if you are still having issues.