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How to send TCP/UDP host metrics via the Datadog API ?

If you want to get insights about your TCP/UDP connections you can gather statistic through a little Crontab Entry and forward them to your Datadog platform.

We are going to use Linux sockstats located in: /proc/net/sockstat.

You may find here a little code snippet to inspire from

This submits your data to Datadog through an HTTP POST.

A more proper way to do this would be to send metrics and events using DogStatsD. You may adapt your cron job to forward your data locally in UDP to your Agent, find more here.

You retrieve from this:

  • TCP:
in use total established connections integer (number)
Orphan Orphaned tcp connections
(not attached to any user file handle) integer (number)
TW TIME_WAIT connections ineger (millisec )
Alloc TCP sockets allocated ( All type for example, ESTABLISH, CLOSE_WAIT, TIME_WAIT, etc)
mem total memory for TCP socket integer (KiloBytes)
  • UDP:
inuse total established connections integer
mem total memory for UDP socket integer (KB)
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