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How to Make a Trello Card using Webhooks

You can easily use our Webhook Integration to instantly create a trello card using our @-notification feature.

This flow uses the Trello REST POST card api endpoint to post the @notification to a relevant Trello list.

Steps to Success

  • Get the Trello App key and Token

  • Find the List in the Board you’d like to submit cards to

  • Configure Webhook

Getting the Keys

To get the Trello App Key and Token, navigate to Trello’s relevant page. If you are logged in, you should be able to see the App key immediately:

NOTE: Trello mentions API key in the url. For this article, API and APP keys are one and the same

Authorize a token with the Trello Account you are currently logged into, the Green Arrow.

Designate the Trello List

In trello, click on a card in the list you’d like to add cards to and append .json to the url and navigate to that url. From there, find the value for idList.

Configure the Webhook

Consult the API documentation for Trello cards and our webhook integration dedicated documentation page.

In the configuration:

  • name is the alias for how you reference this hook. (@webhook-NAME)

  • URL is

Enable Custom Payload and fill in a json object that looks like:

"name": "$USER : $EVENT_TITLE",
"desc": "$EVENT_MSG",
"key": "{APP_KEY}",
"token": "{TOKEN_KEY}",
"idList": "{ID_LIST_VALUE}"

*name corresponds to the title of the card

*desc corresponds to the description of the card

*key corresponds to the application key

*token corresponds to the token key

*pos corresponds to the relative position of the card on the list

*idList corresponds to the list id

The resulting config should look like this and you are all set! @-notify away!

Some points to consider

This flow involves Trello generating a server token for our application. As you can see in the the token disclaimer.

The token provides read/write access to all your boards and teams, so this is a potential concern if you do not want to give away access like that.

A good workaround would be to create a specific trello user that is only joined to the board you designate. Have that user receive the server token.