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What is Embrace?

Embrace is a mobile observability and data platform that empowers mobile teams to deliver optimal user experiences for performance optimization, issue prioritization and remediation, and monitoring across features, releases, and custom segments. At its core, Embrace turns complex mobile data into action. By collecting comprehensive session-level data for each and every user experience, Embrace extracts powerful insights to fuel your growth.

After integration installation, Embrace provides dashboards that track key mobile health metrics. For any regression, you can inspect the full details of every affected user session without having to manually reproduce it.

Embrace Datadog Dashboard

The Datadog dashboard connects client-side Embrace data for crashes and networking to your server-side data.


Monitor crash trends and inspect stack traces for every crash directly within Datadog. For more context, review full user session details within Embrace.


Embrace collects every network call, even the ones that never make it to the servers. See all errors on your endpoints, including 4xxs, 5xxs, timeouts, and connection errors.

From Datadog, immediately navigate to the actionable data and insights needed to optimize mobile experiences within the Embrace platform. These include:

User Session Replays

Experience any user session without the hassle of reproducing. Replay all the technical and behavioral details in one traversable visual so that any team member can immediately answer any question or complaint.

App Performance

Understand the cause of a broken user experience to correctly measure and improve mobile app health. Beyond crashes, optimize performance to remove slow or frozen areas that lead to force quits and abandonment of key user flows.


Track adoption, performance, stability, engagement, and monetization with real-time dashboards for the metrics that matter to your business. Create individual or team dashboards to hone in on the features or experiments they care about.

Error Logging

Set session and log properties to allow powerful filtering to isolate the root cause. Uncover patterns across device, version, OS, region, user segment, and event attributes so that your team knows the business impact and remediation priority of issues.

Proactive Alerting

Be the first to know about regressions in the performance and stability of your features and releases. Whether the failure is in your code, your backend, or a bad actor third-party SDK or vendor, Embrace notifies you in real-time so you can take action before your users complain.


For support or questions, contact Embrace through the following channel:

Email: datadogsupport@embrace.io

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