NetApp BlueXP

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



NetApp BlueXP provides your organization with a single control plane that helps you build, protect, and govern data across your on-premises and cloud environments. The BlueXP SaaS platform includes services that provide storage management, data mobility, data protection, and data analysis and control.

NetApp BlueXP’s Datadog Integration fetches server and component stats and periodically sends them to Datadog. It supports Cluster, Node, Network, Aggregate, Volume, Disk, and Firmware versions, alongside Digital Advisor references. It also includes inventory data like Resources, workspaces, users, and audits, with preconfigured dashboards and monitors for quick insights and efficient data management.

Data types

The following types of data are collected in Netapp BlueXP’s Datadog Integration:

Data typeDetails fetched
InventoryAccount, Workspace, Resources, Audit
Digital AdvisoryCluster, Node, Aggregate, Disk, Volume, Network Interface, Network Ports


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