CyberArk PAM

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CyberArk Privileged Access Manager (PAM) is a complete lifecycle solution for managing privileged credentials and secrets, and SSH Keys for enterprise. It enables organizations to secure, provision, manage, control, and monitor all activities associated with all types of privileged identities.

Features of CyberArk PAM include the following:

  • Manage Privileged Accounts: Manage privileged accounts and their activities.
  • Privileged SSO: Connect to connect to remote systems and applications without knowing or specifying the required password or key.
  • Monitor Sessions: Secure, control and monitor privileged access to critical systems and applications by using vaulting technology to manage privileged accounts and create detailed session audits and video recordings of all IT administrator privileged sessions on remote machines.
  • Security: Look for indications of abuse or misuse of the CyberArk platform by monitoring the use of privileged accounts, which are managed by the CyberArk PAM platform as well as accounts that are not managed yet.
  • Reports and Auditing: Generate reports of the vaulting activities and export this data to third-party tools.

This integration uses CyberArk Privileged Access Manager (PAM) as the source to collect the data related to safes, users, groups, accounts, and applications from the portal by utilizing the CyberArk PAM’s REST APIs v13.2. The integration also collects audit logs from the portal with Syslog.

Note: This integration supports CyberArk On-Prem only.


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