Cisco MDS

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



Cisco Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) refers to a family of Storage Area Network (SAN) switches and directors manufactured by Cisco Systems. SANs are specialized networks that facilitate access to block-level storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and other storage devices.

Cisco MDS switches are designed to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity for storage devices in a SAN environment. They offer features and capabilities that are specifically tailored for storage networking, such as Fibre Channel protocol support. Fibre Channel is a high-speed network technology commonly used in SANs to connect servers and storage devices.

This integration monitors and visualizes the following data sources:

  • Core
  • Diagnostic Test Results
  • Environment
  • FCS
  • FLOGI Session
  • Interface
  • Inventory
  • Users
  • Module
  • Port Channel
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • System Log
  • Topology
  • VSAN
  • Zone


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