Anomali ThreatStream

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS



Anomali ThreatStream’s threat intelligence management automates the collection and processing of raw data, filters out the noise, and transforms it into relevant, actionable threat intelligence for security teams.

Anomali ThreatStream supports multiple threat models including Actors, Vulnerabilities, Attack Patterns, Malware, Incidents, and more. Threat modeling is a process by which potential threats, such as structural vulnerabilities or the absence of appropriate safeguards, can be identified, enumerated, and countermeasures are prioritized.

Anomali ThreatStream also has support for Observables generating in the environment. An observable is a piece of technical information that can detect a potential threat. They are derived from all data contained in the Intelligence System (Anomali ThreatStream) but are not always contextualized.

This integration monitors Observables triggered in Anomali ThreatStream as well as events generated for the Incident Threat Model.


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