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Supported OS: Linux Mac OS Windows


Configure the Datadog Metric Emitter in Concourse CI to:

  • Visualize the duration of pipelines, number of containers and mounted volumes of workers.
  • Identify slow requests to build routes.



Concourse CI comes bundled with a Datadog metrics emitter. A prerequisite to configuring ATC to emit metrics on start is to have a Datadog Agent installed.


Configure ATC to use the Datadog emitter by setting the following options. It is important to use a prefix of to avoid emitting custom metrics.

Datadog Metric Emitter Options

See the Concourse CI documentation for more information.

Metric Emitter (Datadog):
    --datadog-agent-host=       Datadog agent host to expose dogstatsd metrics [$CONCOURSE_DATADOG_AGENT_HOST]
    --datadog-agent-port=       Datadog agent port to expose dogstatsd metrics [$CONCOURSE_DATADOG_AGENT_PORT]
    --datadog-prefix=           Prefix for all metrics to easily find them in Datadog [$CONCOURSE_DATADOG_PREFIX]

Data Collected


A list of metrics emitted can be found here.


This integration does not support events.


This integration does not collect service checks.


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