Cockroach Cloud

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


The CockroachDB Cloud integration for Datadog enables data collection and alerting on a subset of CockroachDB metrics using the Datadog platform.



To enable Datadog monitoring for a Cockroach Cloud cluster:

  1. On the cluster’s Monitoring > Tools page.

  2. Fill in the API key and Datadog Site fields with the corresponding values.

    • The API key is associated with your Datadog organization. If you don’t have an API key to use with your Cockroach Cloud cluster, you need to create one. For instructions, see the Datadog documentation.
    • Your Datadog Site corresponds to your Datadog Site URL. For more details, see the Datadog documentation.
  3. Click Create. Depending on the size of your cluster and the current load on the system, the integration might take some time to become enabled.

  4. Once it is registered on Datadog, the cluster will appear on your Datadog Infrastructure List. This can take up to several minutes.


Open your Datadog Dashboard List. There are two out of the box dashboards that present CockroachDB metrics

  • CockroachDB Cloud Serverless (Limited Preview)
  • CockroachDB Cloud Dedicated

To create your own Cockroach Cloud dashboard, you can either clone the default CockroachDB Cloud Dedicated dashboard and edit the widgets, or create a new dashboard.

The available metrics are intended for use as building blocks for your own charts.

To preview the metrics being collected, you can:

  • Click on your cluster’s entry in the Infrastructure List to display time-series graphs for each available metric.
  • Use the Metrics Explorer to search for and view crdb_cloud or crdb_dedicated metrics.


Once enabled, the Integration status in the Datadog panel on the Monitoring page will show as Active.

If an issue is encountered during the integration, one of the following statuses may appear instead:

  • Active indicates that the integration has been successfully deployed.
  • Inactive indicates that the integration has not been successfully deployed. Setup has either not been attempted or has encountered an error.
  • Unhealthy indicates that the integration API key is invalid and needs to be updated.
  • Unknown indicates that an unknown error has occurred. If this status is displayed, contact our support team.

Metrics export from CockroachDB can be interrupted in the event of:

  • A stale API key. In this case, the integration status will be Unhealthy. To resolve the issue, update your integration with a new API key.
  • Transient CockroachDB unavailbility. In this case, the integration status will continue to be Active. To resolve the issue, try deactivating and reactivating the integration from the Datadog panel. If this does not resolve the issue, contact our support team.

To monitor the health of metrics export, you can create a custom Monitor in Datadog.

Update integration

To update the metadata associated with the integration (for example, to rotate API keys):

  1. In the Datadog panel, click the ellipsis and select Update.

  2. Update the API key and Datadog Site fields and click Create. The integration will be redeployed.

Deactivate integration

To deactivate the integration:

  1. In the Datadog panel, click the ellipsis and select Deactivate integration.

  2. When disabled, the Integration status in the panel will show as Inactive.

After deactivating an integration, the metrics data will remain in Datadog for a default retention period.

Data Collected


  • crdb_cloud & crdb_dedicated Metrics

Service Checks

The Cockroach Cloud integration does not include any service checks.


The Cockroach Cloud integration does not include any events.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.