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Capistrano is a remote server automation and deployment tool written in Ruby.

Install the Capistrano Datadog integration to:

  • Capture and search for deploy events in your event stream
  • Overlay deploy events with other metrics within dashboards to identify which deploys affect your application’s performance

Once you enable this integration for a given Capfile, each Capistrano task that completes will be submitted as an event to Datadog. Role information and logging output are submitted, too.



Install the dogapi Ruby gem:

sudo gem install dogapi --version ">=1.10.0"


Add the following to the beginning of any Capfile whose tasks you want to send to Datadog:

require "capistrano/datadog"
set :datadog_api_key, "${your_api_key}"


After you’ve configured your Capfile and have run at least one Capistrano task:

  1. Navigate to your events stream.
  2. Either enter sources:capistrano in the Search bar, or click ‘Capistrano’ in the FROM list of integrations on the left.
  3. Either enter priority:all in the Search bar, or click ‘All’ in the PRIORITY list on the left. Capistrano tasks are submitted with Low priority by default, so if you’re only viewing Normal priority events - which you will be, by default - you won’t see your Capistrano tasks in the event stream.

Data Collected


The Capistrano integration does not include any metric.


The Capistrano integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Capistrano integration does not include any service checks.


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