Bugsnag provides software teams with an automated crash detection platform for their web and mobile applications. Bugsnag automatically captures and alerts you of errors as they happen. Integrate Datadog with Bugsnag to send error notifications to your Datadog event stream.

With this integration:

  • Get a summary of the error in your Datadog event stream
  • Get notified when a project has a spike in error rates
  • Filter notifications by severity and release stage



No installation is required.


To integrate Bugsnag with Datadog:

  1. Go to Settings in Bugsnag for the project you would like to configure to send notifications to Datadog.

  2. Select Team Notifications and then Datadog.

  3. Customize the notifications seen in Datadog by selecting error notification triggers.


  4. Apply custom filters to your notification triggers to see errors from specific release stages and severities.


  5. Enter your Datadog API key.

  6. Select Test Notification to test the configuration. A test error from Bugsnag should appear in Datadog.

  7. Save your settings.

  8. Add more streams from the same project to see error events based on a different set of notification criteria.

Data Collected


The Bugsnag integration does not include metrics.


The Bugsnag integration pushes configured Bugsnag errors and alerts to your Datadog event stream.

Service Checks

The Bugsnag integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.