Camunda 8

Supported OS Linux Mac OS Windows



Camunda 8 is a workflow and decision automation platform designed to help developers manage business processes across microservices. The platform facilitates collaboration between business and IT teams, supports extensive integration options, and allows for real-time process execution monitoring.

Unlock advanced monitoring capabilities for your Camunda 8 workflow engine. This integration smoothly fits into your monitoring landscape and offers system administrators as well as DevOps engineers deep insights into Camunda 8. Monitor your engine’s health, optimize its throughput, or identify bottlenecks in your Camunda setup.


  • Monitor Engine Health: Ensure your engine is running smoothly.

  • Optimize Throughput: Better understand the pressure put on your engine by watching the process execution in real time so you know it can handle the load.

  • Identify Bottlenecks: Gain insight into the interplay between the engines’ various components and pinpoint throughput-limiting factors as each component is individually monitored.


  • Easy Setup: Quickly set up the integration, no extensive configuration or technical adjustments needed. Start monitoring Camunda 8 with all of Datadog’s capabilities.

  • 360-degree Monitoring: Understand your Camunda 8 engine beyond basic monitoring. A wide range of Camunda 8 metrics are reported to Datadog, including performance metrics, execution statistics, resource usage, and engine throughput.

  • Intuitive Insights: Use the out-of-the-box visualizations or create your own. The Camunda 8 dashboard lets you get started quickly while also being easily extensible.


For support or feature requests, reach out to Bordant Technologies through the following channels:

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