Blue Matador

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Blue Matador’s Datadog integration allows you to send Blue Matador events to the event stream in Datadog.


You can use it to enhance your existing dashboards or to correlate with metrics you’re collecting in Datadog.


For a full list of events and metrics that Blue Matador monitors and that you can import into Datadog, see their monitors page.


To get Blue Matador events into Datadog, use a Datadog API key to create a new notification method in Blue Matador.

Note: Already existing events are not imported into Datadog, but new events appear as they occur.

Data Collected


The Blue Matador integration does not include any metrics.


All events are sent to the Datadog event stream.

Service Checks

The Blue Matador integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact the maintainer of this integration.