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Blink is a low-code/no-code (LNCN) platform that enables automated incident response, cloud-native operations, and security operations workflows. Blink transforms manual tasks into interactive automations backed by the security and reliability of a cloud-native platform. Every script or ticket becomes a fully-managed automation.

The user interface and automation library come with 5,000 cloud-native workflows that make it easy to create new automations. Blink helps you achieve better cloud efficiency and more competitive SLA’s, with fewer operational bottlenecks.

Visit our out-of-the-box integration , which allows you to:

  • Trigger event-based Blink automations using Datadog incidents
  • Create and update Datadog incidents automatically from within Blink
  • View incidents or events from the Datadog Events Explorer in Blink
  • Automatically enrich and remediate Datadog incidents using Blink automations

For more information about Blink, see the Blink documentation .


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