BigPanda SaaS Platform

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BigPanda helps businesses prevent and resolve IT outages with our SaaS platform for Event Correlation and Automation, powered by AIOps. BigPanda automatically collects alerts from Datadog, as well as those from any third-party tool, and correlates them into context-rich incidents that help prevent outages and reduce the pain of incident management.

BigPanda has out-of-the-box integrations with all of Datadog’s monitoring products, including Infrastructure, Log Management, and APM. These integrations enable the ingestion of alerts and rich topology information to drive correlation and root-cause analysis before incidents become outages. BigPanda also ingests CMDB data from ITSM platforms to provide additional alert enrichment, and a full-stack view of the relationship between services in and out of Datadog.

The end result: IT Ops, NOC, DevOps, and SRE teams are able to quickly get a holistic view of their alerts, and understand the root cause of a poorly-performing application, system or service all while significantly reducing alert noise in users’ environments and improving MTTR.

This offering in the Datadog Marketplace provides access to the BigPanda platform. If you are already a BigPanda customer and need to connect your instance to Datadog, set up the integration.


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