Connect BigPanda to Datadog to help your team by:

  • Correlating information by receiving alerts from Datadog.
  • Easily routing all Datadog monitors at once.



The BigPanda integration is installed using the integration tile on the Datadog site.


  1. In your BigPanda account, go to the Integrations page and select New Integration.
  2. Click Datadog –> Add Integration, then create the App Key.
  3. The provided Webhook URL contains the necessary Access Token and App Key.
  4. Navigate to the BigPanda tile on Datadog and click on Add Account
  5. Add a BigPanda Account Name of your choice.
  6. Paste the Access Token and App Key in the respective fields.
  7. Enable the Route All Monitor Events option to automatically send all monitor events to BigPanda. By default, only monitor events containing @bigpanda are sent.
  8. Click Save.


BigPanda creates incidents as it begins to receive events from Datadog. Incidents maintain relevant information such as the name of the monitor that was triggered and the condition causing the alert. Incidents can move from Active to Resolved as monitors undergo transition changes. To stop Datadog from sending alerts to BigPanda, simply uninstall on the integration tile.

Data Collected


The BigPanda integration does not provide any metrics.


The BigPanda integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The BigPanda integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.