Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS

Integration version1.0.2


This Workday integration monitors the state of your integrations in Workday, offering rich metrics regarding job executions, including total job executions, failure job executions, and the duration of each job execution. This integration also retrieves job execution logs and provides monitors that alert on the state of each integration.


This integration includes the following recommended monitors:

  1. Connect to Workday, which monitors your connection to Workday.
  2. Workday Integration Status, a multi-monitor that is grouped by integrations and checks the last Workday integration event state.


This integration includes an out-of-the-box dashboard named Workday Integrations Trends that provides a visual summary of Workday job executions, as well as the state of the monitors configured for each Workday integration.

Log Collection

This integration uses the Workday API to collect logs for integration executions and submit those logs to Datadog through the Datadog REST API. Execution-related tags are assigned dynamically to those logs.


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