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Apptrail is the comprehensive SaaS audit logs platform. SaaS companies use Apptrail to add full-featured customer-facing audit logs to their products. Customers can view, query, analyze, and export audit logs from all of their SaaS vendors using Apptrail.

Apptrail’s audit event streaming feature (trails) lets you deliver audit logs to dozens of popular destinations.

The Apptrail Datadog integration allows you to continously export your SaaS audit logs from Apptrail to Datadog in realtime. You can use Datadog to analyze, archive, monitor, and alert on your SaaS audit logs.


As a prerequisite, you should be signed up by your SaaS vendor for Apptrail.

To get started, create a delivery trail in the Apptrail Portal and choose Datadog as the configured destination.


View the Creating a trail documentation for general documentation on creating trails.

  1. Navigate to the Trails page in the Apptrail Portal.
  2. Click the Create a new trail button at the top right.
  3. Enter a Trail name and configure any rules.
  4. Click next and select Datadog from the list of destinations.
  5. Provide your Datadog Region/Site to use. For example, EU for or US1 for
  6. Enter your Datadog API key.
  7. Click Create trail to create the trail.


To view Apptrail audit logs in Datadog:

  1. Navigate to Logs > Live Tail.
  2. See Apptrail audit logs by setting source:apptrail.

For more details, read the Apptrail Datadog delivery documentation.

Data Collected

Log collection

Any Apptrail trail with a Datadog destination will continously send all logs matched by the configured trail rules to Datadog. For the Apptrail audit log format, see Event Format.


Need help? Contact Datadog support or reach out to Apptrail support.

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