Amazon Health


AWS Health provides ongoing visibility into the state of your AWS resources, services, and accounts. Enable this integration to see AWS Health service events in Datadog:

AWS Health Event

Note: This integration only works for AWS customers with a Business or Enterprise support plan.



If you haven’t already, set up the Amazon Web Services integration first.

Metric collection

  1. Add the following permissions to your Datadog IAM policy in order to collect Amazon Health data. For more information, see the Health policies on the AWS website.

    AWS PermissionDescription
    health:DescribeEventsUsed to list all health events
    health:DescribeEventDetailsGets detailed information on health events
    health:DescribeAffectedEntitiesGets the affected AWS entities for health events
  2. Install the Datadog - AWS Health integration.

Log collection

Enable logging

Configure Amazon Health to send logs either to a S3 bucket or to CloudWatch.

Note: If you log to a S3 bucket, make sure that amazon_health is set as Target prefix.

Send logs to Datadog

  1. If you haven’t already, set up the Datadog log collection AWS Lambda function.

  2. Once the Lambda function is installed, manually add a trigger on the S3 bucket or CloudWatch log group that contains your Amazon Health logs in the AWS console:

Data Collected


The AWS Health integration does not include any metrics.


The AWS Health integration includes events found in the AWS Personal Health Dashboard. Examples include open issues, scheduled maintenances, and account notifications.

Service Checks

The AWS Health integration does not include any service checks.


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