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Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) is the latest addition to AWS, a managed Kubernetes service that automates certain aspects of deployment and maintenance for any standard Kubernetes environment. Whether you are migrating an existing Kubernetes application to EKS, or are deploying a new cluster, Datadog helps you monitor your EKS environment in real time.


Because Datadog already integrates with Kubernetes and AWS, it is ready-made to monitor EKS. If you’re running the Agent in a Kubernetes cluster and plan to migrate to EKS, you can continue monitoring your cluster with Datadog. AWS EKS Managed Node Groups are also supported.

Metric collection

Monitoring EKS requires that you set up the Datadog integrations for:

along with integrations for any other AWS services you’re running with EKS (e.g., ELB)

Log collection

Available for Agent versions >6.0

The setup is exactly the same as for Kubernetes. To start collecting logs from all your containers, use your Datadog Agent environment variables.

Take also advantage of DaemonSets to automatically deploy the Datadog Agent on all your nodes.

Follow the container log collection steps to learn more about those environment variables and discover more advanced setup options.


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