Akamai Zero Trust

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Akamai Zero Trust includes both Enterprise Application Access and Secure Internet Access.

Akamai Enterprise Application Access is a Zero Trust Network Access solution offering precise access to private applications based on identity and context. It uses identity-based policies and real-time data such as user location, time, and device security to ensure that users only have access to the applications they need and eliminates network level access. It works seamlessly with Akamai MFA for strong user authentication.

Secure Internet Access Enterprise is a cloud-based targeted threat protection solution. It safeguards your organization from DNS and web-based threats, enforces authentication and acceptable use policies, and audits user Internet access.

Akamai Zero Trust collects logs for both Secure Internet Access (SIA) and Enterprise Application Access (EAA). It also is able to gather collector metrics for SIA.



  1. Sign into your Akamai Account
  2. Search for Identity and Access Management
  3. Click Create API Client
  4. Under Select APIs, search for SIA and EAA and provide READ-ONLY access.
  5. After creating the API client, click Create Credential to generate your set of credentials.
  6. Copy the Access Token, Client Token, Host, and Client Secret from the generated credentials.
  7. If you are looking to collect EAA logs and metrics, provide the Contract ID for the account.

Data Collected


The idle dialout at a given time
Disk utilization of a connector
Memory usage of a connector
Active dialout count of a connector
CPU usage of a connector
Total dialout count of a connector
Network traffic in Mbps of a connector


Akamai SIA and EAA events will show up as logs under the source akamai_zero_trust.

Service Checks

Akamai Zero Trust does not include any service checks.


Akamai Zero Trust does not include any events.


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